The R&B Singles Collection Vol 3


Format: CD

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Format: CD
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Volume Three of Outta Sight’s R&B 45s output continues to gather together some of the most indemand R&B sides currently sought after. The classy swagger of Mary Ann Fisher’s ‘Put On My Shoes’ kicks things off, Jimmy Ricks’ bolshy ‘Daddy Rollin’ Stone’, ‘I Get A feeling’ from Eli Lee, ‘I Won’t Be Your Fool’ by Little Joe Hinton, ‘Try Love (Just One More Time)’ from Cookie Jackson, Ed Townsend’s ‘Cherrigale’, ‘I’m Gonna Be A Fool Next Monday’ from Kitty White and ‘Lucky Is My Name’ by Bruce Cloud are standouts on a collection that is hard to fault. ‘Chaperone’ by LaBrenda Ben and The Beljeans is a huge track and a welcome addition. Essential for fans of Jukebox R&B and early rockin’ soul.

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