A So We Gwarn


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Format: CD
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At long last an album from Dego & Kaidi Tatham, released on Sound Signature. Dego, real name Dennis McFarlane, has been collaborating with fellow broken beat innovator Kaidi Tatham for nearly 15 years, and the duo also works closely with the 2000 Black Family. Many of those musicians, such as Mr Mensah, Nadine Charles, Sarina Leah, Yelfris Valdes, Ray Carless and Wayne Francis, appear on Mcfarlane and Tatham’s 14 track album. Far too many standouts to mention so here’s just a few, ‘See & Blind, Hear & Deaf’, ‘Treasure Beach’ feat Wayne Francis and Yelfris Valdes putting me in mind of an old Players Association jam. ‘Too Much Ginger’ feat Miles Brett, ‘Decide What You Choose’ feat Nadine Charles and ‘It’s All For Us’ feat Nadine Charles and Yelfris Valdes. Likely to be in short supply, Please don’t sleep on this one!

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