Afro Funk Explosion


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Format: CD
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Lafayette Afro Rock Band and Ice were essentially the same band and this two CD set brings together 30 tracks of heavyweight funk – some of which were unreleased at the time – and shows how hard this group of American’s who relocated to France could hit a groove. ‘Darkest Light’ is a funk juggernaut, the cover of ‘Soul Makossa’ offers a wicked slant on the classic, the Afro-disco of ‘Hihache’ also works well while the pacey jazzy funk of ‘Scorpion Flower’ is also a highlight. The Blaxploitation vibe of ‘The Gap’, the rapid fire, percussion heavy ‘Frisco’, the big, brassy, thundering ‘Time Will Tell’ and superb jazzy afro-funk of ‘Dgunji’ are also well worth a spin. Great release that shows the incredible breadth of ideas and inventiveness of this large sprawl of collaborators that made up the various incarnations of both acts.

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