Anthology 1992-2003


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Format: CD
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German legends The Poets Of Rhythm’ were way ahead of their time at the start of the 1990s when they embarked on a journey back into the past to recreate the kind of roughed up funk sound being produced in early 1970s America. No-one else at the time was doing anything like this and the 45s that appeared on their Hotpie and Candy label – often under an array of group names – could easily confuse those not in on the knowledge. Once their fame spread the 45s (and indeed albums) became collectible, often fetching large sums as people played catch up. A lot of those early 45s are here on this 11 year overview notably their first 7″ ‘Funky Train’, the pounding ‘Augusta Georgia’ (actually recorded under the name Bus People express) and ‘North Carolina’. The mix on the anthology represents a restless shifting of musical styles from the straight JB sounding funk of ‘More Mess On My Thing’ to the afro funk of ‘Rhodesian Girl’ and the more spaced out ‘Discern Define’. Really good focus on this pioneering and most influential of new funk outfits.

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