Breaking Point


Format: LP, Vinyl

Release date: 3 Apr 2020
Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
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Freddie Hubbard’s ‘Breaking Point’ was recorded on 7th May 1964. It is without a doubt Hubbard’s most experimental Blue Note album. The opening title cut has a quasi-Latin/ Caribbean melody but is overall explorative. ‘Far Away’ elicits Coltrane’s Spanish/ Moorish themes (a la Ole) that are accentuated by James Spaulding’s exotic and evocative flute. It features superb bass and drum solos by Eddie Khan and Joe Chambers respectively. Despite its title ‘Blues Frenzy’ is a straightforward piece of Soul Jazz with a 6/4 waltz time. It is the least ‘out there’ piece on the set. As such it is an aural respite from the intensity that surrounds it. The fourth Hubbard composition is ‘D Minor Mint’. It is a fast and challenging piece of quasi Hard Bop albeit with an edge. That feel is encapsulated by the piano playing of Ronnie Matthews, a contribution that abridges the old and the new. There is something of McCoy Tyner about his playing with the fast-flowing Coltrane-like flood of notes. Joe Chambers’ ‘Mirrors’ is a sombre conclusion to the album, but the subtle interplay between Hubbard and Spaulding in the opening bars is a delight. Hubbard than embraces its ambience, embellishes it and caresses as only he can. ‘Breaking Point’ stands out in the trumpeter’s Blue Note discography, however, on repeated plays, the album shows an artist in his prime stretching for something fresh. ‘Breaking Point’ is beyond Hard Bop or modal Jazz and though challenging, has its own rewards.

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