Can You Feel It – The 1959-1962 Federal & King Sides


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Format: CD
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2CD collection of 50 remastered studio tracks culled from the early work that James Brown recorded for the Federal and King labels between 1959 and 1962. The sound is very much in that early soul style with the doo-wop and group influence blending with R&B flavours. Tracks like ‘I’ve Got To Change’ lay the foundations for Brown’s trademark scream while musically Brown touches all bases from pulsating R&B to pleading ballads to sassy, bluesy gems like ‘Think’ (a title he’d later revisit in marked contrast to this 1960 disc for Federal. ‘Wonder When You’re Coming Home’ is a great, work song sounding slab of soul, ‘Night Train’ thunders along like a locomotive, ‘Shout And Shimmy’ was undoubtedly inspired by the Isley Brother’s ’59 hit ‘Shout’ while ‘Mashed Potatoes USA’ takes us across The States with a tune that brings us closer to what we’d call funk. (JS)

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