Format: CD

Release date: 6 Sep 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101258
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Saxophonist/percussionist and vocalist David Sanchez leads his seven-piece group through this bright eleven track gem of an album. Sanchez fuses tradition with contemporary ideas on a set that has the African Diaspora within the Americas at it’s heart, hence the title ‘Carib’. There are Puerto Rican and Haitian influences aplenty here, with poly-rhythmic tempos and percussion lines that are reminiscent of the traditions of both places. The driving ‘Land Of Hills’ is an evocative, beat driven gem, the multi-paced ‘Morning Mist’, the cascading ‘Mirage’ and the glistening ‘A Thousand Yesterdays’ have an urgent restlessness to them. The slower paced ‘Wave Under Silk’ allows Sanchez’ sax to really stretch out on a superb slab of spacious jazz. Lots to discover here on a set that rewards with each listen. Good album.

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