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Format: CD
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The inimitable Ms Doss returns three years after 2015’s ‘VII’ with a stunning new set of sophisticated soul that adds to her expanding catalogue of faultless albums. ‘Clear’ sets out its tone early with the infectious, grown-folks swagger of ‘Back To Us’, the tinkling piano lead ‘Until’ has some beautiful flourishes that lift the track into a series of barely restrained, all the time under pinned by Conya’s classy vocals while deep, clubby ‘Get Off Your @##’ is a serious contender for dance track of the year – the growling bassline just implores you to move! The multi-layered vocals of ‘Give You All My Love’ work with the ebb and flow of the keyboards, ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ is a stop-start, jazzy funker with a light hearted touch, the luscious mid tempo ‘I’m Trying’ is another strong point while the full production of ‘Let’s Put In The Time’ has an emphatic quality that rides on the irresistible foot tapping groove. The dreamy ‘Unbreakable’ is also a pick of the beat ballads. Conya’s voice is superb, the music is live band all the way and the song writing is as good as ever. Another essential offering.

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