Complete Atco Loma And Warner Brothers Recordings


Format: CD

Format: CD
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Superb compilation featuring the complete recordings that the legendary Linda Jones made for the Atco (1964), Loma and Warner Brothers labels between 1967 and 1969, mostly written and produced by George Kerr. The 21 tracks illustrate what a fantastic singer Linda was and that she would have been a major star had see not tragically died so young in 1972. Linda was equally brilliant on the Deep Soul ballads ‘Hypnotized’, ‘It won’t Take Much’, ‘I Who Have Nothing’, ‘Seeing is Believing’ and ‘Give My Love Try’, the Crossover Soul ‘What’ve I Done’ and ‘If Only (We had Met Sooner)’ and the uptempo dancers ‘I Just Can’t Live My Life’, ‘My Heart needs A Break , ‘I Can’t stop Lovin my baby’ and ‘Last Minute miracle’. Essential 60’s Soul Music with a double Capital S.

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