Do You Hear Me Talking To You ?


Format: LP, Vinyl


Release date: 25 Jan 2019
Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 55072
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Almost invisible on original vinyl this highly sought after, ridiculously rare gem is now available in all it’s glory. Bill Brown’s own Brownstone imprint brought together LA acts Alive And Well and People’s Pleasure to lay down a 9 track diamond. The disco fuelled boogie title track rumbles and rolls along apace, the pacey, sweet tinged ‘Dreaming Our Lives Away’ could only have come from the West Coast with it’s bittersweet, warm groove while the bumping stepper ‘Lonely People’ is a gem. The best known track on the album ‘World Full Of People’ was actually issued as a 45 (but under the moniker Everyday People) and still sounds immense – dark edged, funky soul. The wispy vocals of ‘Heavenly Feeling’ give the track an ethereal quality while the band drop a lounge jazz vibe on the skipping ‘A Thank You Song’. Take the opportunity to own an otherwise impossible document of 1976 Los Angeles soul/funk.

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