Emancipation Procrastination


Format: CD

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Format: CD
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Trumpeter and Innovator Christian Scott delivers the final part of his 2017 Jazz Centennial trilogy with Emancipation Procrastination. This album reflects the Social and Political issues of our times, delivering healing. The title track is a beautiful mid tempo piece on which Scott and his band play haunting melodies. ‘Ashes of our forever’ is in a darker mood. ‘In the Beginning’ is a percussion led track. ‘Michele With One L’ is a lovely melodic track. ‘Gerrymandering Game’ is a short head nodding groove. ‘Unrigging November’, ‘Cages’ and the excellent ‘New Heroes’ are long tracks (30 mins between them) where the musicians have the chance to really play. This is Christian Scott’s most accessible album to date, check him out.

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