Etcetera (180Gm Analogue)


Format: LP, Vinyl


Release date: 22 Feb 2019
Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 55170
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Recorded in June 1965, ‘Etcetera’ was released in 1980.  It features Joe Chambers on drums, Cecil McBee bass and Herbie Hancock piano.  It comprises, four Shorter compositions plus Gil Evans’ ‘Barracudas’. ‘Indian Song’ has a modal, Coltrane like theme. It is eleven minutes of explorative Jazz with McBee’s bass holding it to together.  The haunting ‘Etcetera’ is a stark tune full of space.  The ballad ‘Penelope’ is dreamy on which Shorter’s playing is immensely sensitive.  ‘Toy Tune’ is typical of the music he wrote and recorded with Miles Davis.  It has a spidery quality with both Herbie and Shorter dancing all over the melody.  The modal Evans cover is a delight.    A very strong album.


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