Format: LP, Vinyl

Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New / null (About gradings)
SKU: 53704
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Brazilian legends Azymuth return with their first album in 5 years and have managed to capture the essence of their seventies sound albeit with a 21st Century aesthetic. The two remaining members (Ivan Conti and Alex Malheiros) and new keyboardist Kiko Continentino draw on decades of experience to  bring a fresh set of cosmic jazz and vibrant fusion that draws you in. The laid back ‘Villa Marina’ is a slow creeping head nodder that grows and grows, the pulsating ‘O Fenix’ is a strong jazz funk dancer, ‘Netuno’ shifts and changes directions in a really engaging way throughout while the pacey ‘Papa Samba’ is a superb slice of dancefloor jazz as is ‘Batacuda En Marte’ (traces of ‘Jazz carnival’ here) Tracks like ‘Orange Cloud’ and Igarape’ prove that they can still engage without being in your face. Strong return.


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