Funky Nassau – Definitive Vinyl Edition


Format: LP, Vinyl


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Format: LP, Vinyl
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This set collects both Beginning Of The End albums on one release – ‘Funky Nassau’ from 1971 and ‘Beginning Of The End’ from 1976 – with the CD issue including extra singles. Classic tracks from this Bahamian powerhouse will be familiar to funk fans – ‘Funky Nassau’ was their biggest moment but Island fuelled dancefloor gems like ‘Come Down Baby’, the crashing ‘Monkey Tamarind’ and ‘Jump In The Water’ also follow the band’s blueprint to project that trademark sound. ‘Fishman’ is a great, soulful, mid tempo with a blend of influences, ‘That’s What I Get’ again sees the group in that big, crescendo mood while the Latin influenced ‘Pretty Girl’ is also a highlight.

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