Give Up The Funk: The B.T. Express Anthology 1974-1982


Format: CD

Notes: (2Cd)

Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 2
SKU: 100057
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31 track look at the work of one of the most influential and successful funk bands of the 70s. Their biggest tracks are well represented here, among them the huge crossover hit ‘Do It (Til You’re Satisfied)’, ‘Express’, ‘Give Up the Funk’, ‘Make Your Body Move’, ‘Happiness’, ‘This House Is Smokin’, ‘Mental Telepathy’, ‘That’s What I Want For You Baby’, ‘Peace Pipe’, ‘Shout It Out’, ‘Sunshine’ and more. Good exploration of a band who united the strands of funk and disco to good effect.

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