Hail Ceasar

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Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 11 May 2018
Format: LP, Vinyl
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Hammond Organ player Caesar Frazier recorded his debut ‘Hail Caesar’ for Eastbound Records in 1972. It features stalwarts of the Soul Jazz scene such as drummer Idris Muhammad, saxophonist Houston Person (brilliant here) and guitarist Melvin Sparks. It is a corker. The cover of Quincy Jones/ Bill Cosby’s ‘Hicky Burr’ theme hits an ultra funky groove. Frazier’s own ‘See-F’ starts as a cool mid-tempo chill out number before slowly building led by Buddy Caldwell’s conga. ‘Hail Frazier’ is a gritty slice of Hammond Soul Jazz a la Prestige. ‘Running Away’ is another chilled then funky groove and there is a good version of Issac Hayes’ ‘Ellie’s Love Theme’ from Shaft. Strong set like the Melvin Sparks.


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