Havin’ A House Party / Making A Game Out Of Love


Format: CD

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Format: CD
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Great coupling of the late Willie Hutch’s 1977 and 1982 Motown albums, the soundtrack sounding ‘Willie’s Boogie’ sets ‘House Party’ off superbly and the quality is consistent throughout. ‘What You Gonna Do After The Party’ is an engaging, Womack sounding narrative set to a mid tempo groove, ‘I Can Sho Give You Love’ has a deep, sumptuous production while the breezy ‘Soul Strut’ is sublime. ‘Super Sexy’ from ‘Makin’ A Game…’ has all the hallmarks of stylistic advances and the early 80s feel is there on the busy ‘Sexy Feelin’, the boogie groove of ‘In And Out’ and the classy mid tempo’ The Girl Can’t Help It’. Great offering from this often overlooked master!

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