It’S Time (Tone Poet Edition) (pre-order: Due 28th August 2020)


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 26 Jun 2020
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Format: LP, Vinyl
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Jackie McLean was musically on fire when he recorded ‘It’s Time’ for Blue Note on 5th August 1964. His quintet features trumpeter, Charles Tolliver, pianist Herbie Hancock, along with bassist Cecil McBee and drummer Roy Haynes in the rhythm section. Tolliver’s ‘Cancellation’ is a fiery and explorative beginning to the album, on which Hancock’s impressionistic piano playing is the core feature. McLean’s ‘Dis Dat’ pays homage to the alto man’s Hard Bop roots. The tune skittles along at a fair pace. He also composed the modal title tune; the forceful groove is driven by some fulsome drum work from Roy Haynes. Pianist Hancock plays like a man possessed. The second Tolliver composition ‘Revillot’ sees the trumpet player open with a typically forceful solo, which is followed by a powerful contribution from Jackie McLean. Hancock is again playing at the top of his game. ‘’Snuff’ is the fourth McLean piece and it is another quick Bop inspired tune. McLean is in aggressive mood with his angular attack. At this point, Jackie McLean seems the be the master of Hard Bop mixed with edgier elements. The ballad ‘Truth’ is the album’s finale; it is a sombre piece that contrasts with the full-on material that proceeds it.


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