Joey Negro And Sean P The Best OfDisco Spectrum


Format: LP, Vinyl

Notes: (3Lp)

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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Number of discs: 3
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Joey Negro and Sean P trawl through the three volumes of the Disco Spectrum series that BBE issued over an 18 year period to bring the choice cuts to the table and the classics here are undeniable. Disco’s revival has been far reaching and lasting with the soulful end of the sound having evergreen appeal. Al Hudson’s ‘Spread Love’, Rare Pleasure’s ‘Let Me Down Easy’, George Duke’s ‘I Want You For Myself’ and Omni’s ‘Out Of My Hands’ are selected Highlights, as are the likes of Exodus’ ‘Together Forever’, Ramona Brook’s ‘I Don’t Want You Back’, Universe City’s ‘Can You Get Down’, Idris Muhammad ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’ and Blair’s ‘Nightlife’ among others. Full 12” single versions all the way here, too.

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