Let Your Light Shine On

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Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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Nicola Conte returns with a new album ‘Let Your Light Shine On’ for the revamped MPS label, celebrating its 50th anniversary. There is an Afro centric feel to it. ‘Uhuru Na Umoja’ has an Afro beat vibe, albeit mid rather than fully up-tempo, a feel that returns for the edgier ‘Mystic Revelation Of TheGods’. ‘Ogun’ is a mellow number with female African lead courtesy of Zara McFarlane. ‘Cosmic Peace’ has funkier dance groove with a great vocal from Bridgette Amofah. She also adds her talents to the driving ‘Me Do Who’. There is a Spiritual Jazz angle (a la Pharaoh) to ‘Essence Of

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  1. Nathaniel Bryant

    Really nice album!

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