Live At The Breeding Ground


Format: CD


Release date: 31 Jan 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
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Stunning live set that really captures the atmosphere of being in the moment, this 9 track release documents this performance on June 1st 2014 and sounds fresh and vital. Brandee Younger on harp is joined by Stacy Dillard on soprano sax, Chelsea Baratz on tenor sax, Dezron Douglas on electric & acoustic bass and E.J. Strickland on drums. ‘Soul Vibrations’ is a tough, funky, urgent groover, ‘Wax & Wane’ surges on an insistent b-line with harp and sax duelling while ‘Blue Nile’ crashes with heavy washes of tone and shade. The live version of ‘He Has A Name (Awareness)’ is heavier and drenched in spirituality while ‘Effi’ sounds huge with all instruments colliding to create a driving wall of sound. Must have been amazing to be there on the night!

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