Mar-V-Lus The One-Derful Collection


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Format: CD
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Following hot on the heels of the excellent One-Derful! Collection: One-Derful Records comes the focus on the Mar-V-Lus catalogue and a 25 track look at a selection of the output of the teen-oriented imprint of this legendary R&B label group. The previously unreleased chugging funker ‘For You My Love’ by Josephine Taylor is a good way to start and Johnny Sayles’ hard soul dancer ‘Don’t Turn Your Back On Me’ follows in fine style. The Du-Ettes make several appearances, all unreleased at the time, the best of which is the thumping ‘Stop, Call The Cop’. Miss Madeline’s awesome ‘Behave Yourself’ and the equally strong ‘Lonely Girl’ are highlights while Alvin Cash’s ‘Twine Time’ is a funk classic. The Ultimations’ great mid tempo northern ‘Would I Do It Over’ is a favourite while Josephine Taylor crops up again with another unreleased number in the great dancer ‘I Want A Man’. Baby Miracles great dancer ‘I Feel Good All Over’ features probably the youngest voice on the collection and again, never saw a release at the time. Good collection again.

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