Sing My Song (pre-order: due 17th of July 2020)


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Release date: 26 Jun 2020
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Format: CD
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Euge Groove has released consistently strong albums over the last 20 odd years. ‘Sing My Song’ maintains that standard. Grooves like ‘Dirty Dozen’ and the riff-laden ‘Rise’ are typical of his Smooth Jazz based style. These sax led instrumentals have a funkier feel (in a Smooth Jazz sense) and allow him to stretch out with his solos. The dreamy ‘Until Tomorrow’ features guitarist Peter White. The catchy ‘Say I Won’t’ is a highlight, whilst on the ballad ‘Sing My Song’, Maysa delivers a typically powerful and impassioned vocal. ‘The Journey Ahead’ is a bright Smooth Jazz tune as is the heavier ‘Of Course’. ‘Sing My Song’ is a must for lovers of Smooth Jazz and welcome addition to Euge Groove’s discography.


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