Songs Of Innocence(Audiophile)


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 6 Jul 2018
Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
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‘Song Of Innocence’ is Axelrod’s debut and is a melting pot of influences that remains impossible to pigeon-hole: one part psychedelia, one part jazz, one part funk mixed into a stew of inspiration and influence to birth that became a reference point of a multitude of hip hop samples and productions. The beat drenched ‘Unrizen’ combines thumping breaks with emphatic horn crescendos, soaring organ and sweltering guitar lines to build the drama, ‘Holy Thursday’ has a more mellow, deep, bass driven groove set almost in waltz time while the title-tracks ‘Song Of Innocence’ brings to mind images of late 60s air travel, TV suspense shows and a sophisticated lounge swagger. ‘Merlin’s Prophecy’ is a haunting psych banger with lush orchestration while ‘The Mental Traveler’ is a trippy, spaced out sci-fi fuelled mind voyage. Excellent stuff.

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