22 Somerset Drive


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Format: CD
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’22 Somerset Drive’ was the address of one-time Mandril drummer and singer Neftali Santiago’s home in New Jersey. During a hiatus from the band between 1975 and 1978 Santiago recorded an album’s worth of material that has largely been unreleased until now. Although relatively under the radar he landed a touring spot with The Ohio Players and Gil-Scott Heron before moving across country and setting up several new recording monkiers before rejoining Mandrill. The pacey ‘Feelin Good’ is perhaps his best known among collectors, the bouncy ‘Land Of The Leaping No-No’ appeared on the same 45 while ‘Bionic Funk’ 7” was said to be a late 70s bootleg. Mixing up a Funkadelic/Sly Stone vibe the sounds range from the p-funk ‘Freakin’’ to the jazzy experimentalism of ‘To And From Gamma 4’. The superb ‘Set It Free’ is a warm, flowing late 70’s indie soul/disco number – probably his best work – while the organic ‘Everybody Hears But Nobody Listens’ is a sumptuous beat ballad.

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