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Format: CD
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We have a waited a long time for the Honeycomb Music release of Josh Milan’s first solo album 6.9.69. He has spent over 3 years producing and developing this exquisite 24-song collection. A nod to his day of birth, “6.9.69” represents Josh’s musical journey, fusing influences from some of the giants of music (i.e., Quincy Jones, Pat Matheny et al.) and creating an incredibly crafted debut LP. Josh’s lyrics explore topics of politics, identity, race, relationships and love while his music explores his life-long love of live music. This album is simply inspiring and innovative on every level. Even to describe his work in these terms understates the magic that Josh Milan brings to his debut. “6.9.69” is the kind of album you play all the way through without stopping – a masterful masterpiece!

Far too many stand out cuts to list. Just have a listen and make up your own mind.

Please don’t sleep on this one!

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