A New Black Poet- Small Talk At 125Th And Lenox


Format: CD

Format: CD
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Debut recording for the legendary and groundbreaking Gil Scott-Heron. The album was recorded in 1970 at a night club located on the corner of 125th Street and Lenox Avenue in New York City and represents Scott-Heron’s biting intellect and on point social critique. The anthemic ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ remains a timeless, witty and sharply harsh observation that remains relevant today. ‘Whitey On The Moon’ is stark analysis of economic imbalance and tension and like most of the tracks is set against a stripped back conga/percussion accompaniment. ‘The Vulture’ the excellent ‘Who’ll Pay Reparations On My Soul’ and the mellow ‘Everyday’ are the most song-like tracks, sung in Gil’s inimitable pleading tone with piano added to the backing. Classic, engrossing with (sadly) a still pertinent message. (JS)

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