A Woman’ Way: The Complete Rozetta Johnson 1963’� 1975


Format: CD

Format: CD
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Superb 22 track survey of the complete output of powerful voiced Rozetta Johnson from Birmingham, Alabama. The epic southern gem ‘I’ve Come Too Far With You (To Turn Back Now)’ is stunning and presented in its alternate form, ‘Better Keep What You Got’ is a big, punchy dancer while the early sounding ‘It’s Nice To Know’ is an expansive beat ballad. ‘Mine Was Real’ is one of her best loved tunes that straddles Northern Soul and Crossover, the raw, sassy bluesy, jazz of ‘I Understand My Man’ has a live club feel, ‘A Woman’s Way’ is a superb slice of crossover, ‘(I Like Making That) Early Morning Love’ has a Betty Wright feel while ‘How Can You Lose Something You Never Had’ is another highlight.

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