African Dances


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Release date: 18 May 2018
Format: CD
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This 3 track album was first released in 1979 and remains extremely rare on original – this is the first official reissue to date. Shina Wiliams assembled a cast of Nigeria’s best including Biddy Wright, Fred Fisher, Saliu Alabi, Prince Bola, Tutu Shoronmu, Tunde willimas among others to deliver this brief but captivating set of Afro-funk gems. ‘Cunny Jam Wayo’ has a polyrhythmic beat running throughout with chants and William’s sung-spoken vocals working well with the horn sections while the rhythm guitars and bass never let up, creating a hypnotic groove. ‘Agboju Logan’ has a boogie swagger in the bass and looks more towards disco in the beat but the vibe is firmly African. ‘Gboro Mi Ro’ has a creative time signature that creates a swirling, busy feel on this Afro-funk gem. Really good slab of tight, engrossing African funk.

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