African Scream Contest 2


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Release date: 18 May 2018
Format: CD
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Second volume in this series delving into the world of Vodoun inspired sounds from Benin, West Africa, there has been a ten year gap between releases but the standard is just as high as on the first collection. The rasping funk of Les Synpatiques’ ‘A Min We Vo Nou’ borrows from hard, JB influenced stylings, Lokonon Andre’s wiry horn lead, poly rhythmic ‘Glenon Ho Akue’ is a hypnotic, tight slab of afro-funk while ‘Baba L’Oke Ba’wagbe’ by Le Super Borgou De Parakou has elements of R&B, calypso and highlife blended into a trance like stew. Gnonnas Pedro’s superbly twisted, spacey ‘How Much Love Naturally Costs’ is a highlight as is Tohon Stan’s angular jazz heavy funk ‘Dja Dja Dja’. So many gems to discover here that would otherwise has remained buried deep in the African dust.

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