All Rise – Deluxe Edition With Book


Format: CD

Release date: 28 Aug 2020
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 2
SKU: 101554
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Gregory Porter has steadily worked his way into global stardom with a striing of stunning albums over the course of a decade and ‘All Rise’ is as strong and engaging as the likes of his much lauded early works ‘Water’, ‘Liquid Spirit’ and ‘be Good’. The emphatic, celebratory ‘Concorde’ soars with with an uplifting energy that is hard to deny, the bittersweet ‘Dad Gone Thing’ is an incisive observation of his relationship with his largely absent father that includes the heartbreaking line “I stood right in front of his stage, But still I was hard to see”, while the gospel handclapper ‘Revival Song’ borrows from the ‘Wade In The Water’ genre. He’s at his most tender and restrained on the gorgeous ‘If Love Is Overrated’, the summery ‘Faith In Love’ has an encompassing warmth that brings to mind Marvin Gaye, while the thumping ‘Long List Of Troubles’ shows another angle to his powerful voice. ‘Mister Holland’ (actually borrowing the names of Jools Holland and his daughter Rosie) tackles racial equality in a way that emphasises the thankful. The sumptuous ‘Everything You Touch Is Gold’ is another highlight on this faultless set. ‘Phoenix’ is another track that is drenched in optimism, he’s at his romantic best on the orchestrated gem ‘Merry Go Round’.

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