Amazing Bud Powell(180G)


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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The tracks from this album date back to the ten-inch album format.  In that sense, ‘The Amazing Bud Powell Volume 1’ is a compilation of earlier recordings (1949 – 1951). This 1956 LP is also an innovation as it includes alternate takes.  The album starts with three versions of Bud’s ‘Un Poco Loco’, each take has its own whims and characteristics.  Max Roach holds the rhythm together and Curly Russell is steady on bass.  Powell on piano is worthy of wow plaudits and fellow pianists have it right. ‘Dance of The Infidels’ is another Bop classic, but it only an entree to the blistering pace of Powell’s take on Thelonious Monk’s ‘52nd Street Theme’. Powell combines Bop’s exuberance and fire with Art Tatum’s pyrotechnics on the keys. Powell plays solo on the standard ‘It Could Happen To You’ with aplomb.  ‘A Night In Tunisia’ is approached with the same vigour and intent.  Despite being a trio outing there is an intensity that belies there being only three musicians playing. ‘Wail’ is a fast-moving groove that barely stops to take breath with Sonny Rollins and Fats Navarro on fire, but Powell trumps them both.  His interpretation of Charlie Parker’s ‘Ornithology’ skips along merrily and displays a lightness of touch. There is a bounce and entrancing quality to ‘Bouncing With Bud’.  ‘Parisian Thoroughfare’ is yet another incredibly fast paced Bop number that races long at incredible speed.  This album showcases, above all Bud Powell recordings, the sheer brilliance of his playing – innovative, entertaining and educational.


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