Any Day Now/Encore


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Format: CD
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Big voiced baritone Chuck Jackson recorded these two albums for Wand in the early 60s with ‘Any Day Now’ from 1962 and ‘Encore’ in 1963. The anthemic ‘Any Day Now’ is a powerful mid-tempo early soul effort and has been covered many times. Both albums have that hallmark early 60s sound: lots of strings and backing harmonies with often darkly shaded hues and tones and themes of young loves and hopes permeating throughout. ‘Whatcha’ Gonna Say Tomorrow’ is a galloping beat ballad, ‘Make The Night A Little Longer’ is a strong, brooding mid-tempo effort while Chuck really lets loose on the pounding ‘The Breaking Point’. The stunning, atmospheric ‘The Prophet’ rounds off the ‘Any day Now’ album. By ’63 the sound had developed and become slightly harder with Chuck’s voice growing in stature. ‘Tell Him I’M Not Home’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘This Broken Heart (That You Gave Me)’ and one of the bonus tracks ‘In Between Tears’ showing off the new power in Jackson’s delivery.

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