Format: CD

Release date: 19 Jan 2018
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 100435
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‘Audiology’ is R&B artist Elijah Blake’s second album and his first independent project. The vibe here is firmly contemporary but with a strong soulful vibe. ‘Occupied’ shows the slightly leftfield side of Blake’s creativity while the slick ‘Dopemine’ is a catchy headnodder. The sweet ‘California Livin’ is a lovey slab of laid back soul, ‘Technicolor’ is strongly influenced by Prince, the sultry ’11 59’ is a slow burn groover while ‘When It’s Magic’ is super-slow beat ballad that again tips a wink to Prince. ‘Momma Knows’ closes out this pleasing set with an emotionally charged story from the deep reaches of Blake’s experiences. Well worth investigating this one if you like contemporary R&B that has heavy soul leanings.


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