Azymuth – Demos (1973-75)


Format: CD

Release date: 31 May 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101197
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Superb 16-track (CD version) treasure trove of early Azymuth demos that were recorded between 1973-75 at Jose Roberto Bertrami’s home studio in Rio de Janeiro but had sat uunheard until the mid 90s, this generous grip of tunes finally sees the light of day. Full of raw energy and ideas often beyond their time this selection offers a glimpse into the minds of this far-reaching jazz funk powerhouse. The rapid fire ‘Prefacio’ sets things ablaze and cuts like the slower, bumping groove of ‘Castelo’, the warm, super-compressed funker ‘Melo Do Cuica’ and the sparkling, often freeform ‘Xingo’ show the breadth of the band’s style. ‘Equipe’ and ‘Unknown Jam’ are so live and raw and put the listener right in the room while ‘Bateria do Mamao’ is basically a 7 1/2 minute drum break! The spacey, angular ‘Quem tem Medo’ is another highlight with it’s drama filled chase theme feel while the more lazy tempo of ‘Juntos mais Uma Vez’ offers a respite from the rapid fire grooves that the band excelled at. Stunning stuff. Unmissable.


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