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Release date: 5 Jul 2019
Format: CD
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New spiritual jazz album by the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, led by legendary Chicago percussionist Kahil El’Zabar who is joined on multi-percussion & vocals by Corey Wilkes on trumpet, Alex Harding on baritone sax and Ian Maksin on cello. This twelve-track odyssey is a voyage through afro-futurist vibes and deep, expansive spiritual jazz – the bumping groove of ‘Freedom Jazz Dance’ is bold, swaggering brassy gem, the languid ‘Little Sunflower (For Roy Hargrove)’ takes a lazy, ponderous twist that often threatens to fall apart but remains held together by the urgent back-beat while the funkier ‘Black Is Black’ is rich with percussion. The heavy bop/improv of ‘Blew It (For Hamiet Bluiett)’ erodes and re-forms throughout, the epic 12 ½ minute ‘Lost In Myself (Live From The Loving Cup)’ is a striped back interplay between just djembe drums and improvised vocals, ‘Ntozake (For Ntozake Shange)’ contrasts this on a lilting flute piece that last barely 120 seconds while ‘Little Sunflower’ again features, this time in ode to Freddie Hubbard on a tighter groove. The quiet, delicate ‘Oof (Live At The Loving Cup)’ bookends this engaging album that will appeal to those into boundary-melting free jazz.

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