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Format: CD
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Jarrod Lawson finally releases the follow up to his ground breaking epic 2014 self titled debut album. ‘Be the Change’ is very accomplished and mature album featuring eleven meaningful self written and produced melodic Jazz tinged Soul songs. ‘Be The Change’ glides effortlessly, the funky ‘Battlefield’ and ‘Why dont you call me baby anymore’ chug along, and the dreamy Stevie influenced ‘Universal Chord’ has a charm of his own. ‘I’ll be your radio’ featuring Moonchild, ‘Connected’ and more laid back ‘Soul Symphony’ are good mid tempo tracks and ‘Love Isn’t always enough’ a nice ballad. Best of all though is the slinky laid back riff laden message song ‘Embrace What We Are’ giving us all food for thought. Backed by excellent musicianship Lawson has successfully maintained the high standard of his debut but created an altogether different album. Soul doesn’t get any better than this in 2020 ! Unquestionably Album of the year.

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