Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 30 Apr 2021
Format: LP, Vinyl
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British trumpeter Ian Carr was in the vanguard of 60s British Jazz and its evolution into Jazz Rock.  ‘Belladonna’ dates from July 1972.  The top draw British based band features Brian Smith (saxes and flutes), Gordon Beck and David MacRae (electric piano), Allan Holdsworth (guitar), Ray Babbington (bass) and Clive Thacker (drums) and Trevor Tomkins (percussion).  Carr wrote four tracks and Smith the other two.  The thirteen minute ‘Belladonna’ sounds very Miles Davis influenced as its funky elements resemble ‘In A Silent Way’.  The atmospheric ‘Summer Rain’ concludes side one.  ‘Remadione’ opens side two in ambient style before settling into a gritty, Funk-tinged manner.  The edgy ‘Mayday’ has a Blaxploitation chase like feel, fuelled by Holdsworth’s ‘Shaft’ like wah wah guitar.  The eerie ‘Suspension’ possesses an introspective quality that Carr’s soft tone expresses using space and perfect timing.  There is a freer structure to ‘Hector’s House’ with its Rock tinges and complex rhythm pattern.  ‘Belladonna’ is a hidden gem the original of which is extremely rare.  This reissue hopefully will introduce many to its delights.  


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