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Release date: 1 Nov 2019
Format: CD
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Tropicalists Da Lata present their fourth album in the form of ‘Birds’, an genre straddling excursion through London Afro-Brazilian soul music. Christian Franck has honed his craft and expanded his vision to reflect the melting pot of the capital’s musical pulse. The Afro swagger of the low slung ‘Mentality’ contrasts with the rhumba of ‘Sway’ while ‘Memory Man’ has an afro-Cuban vibe. ‘Lunar Vibe’ is a glowing, funky crossover gem, the punchy funk of ‘Thunder Of Silence’ has a West London/Roy Ayers groves while the trickling ‘Hollickwood Park’ is a sparse but engaging piece of Eastern inspired spiritual jazz. Varied, multi-cultural and interesting album.


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