Black Times


Format: CD

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Release date: 9 Mar 2018
Format: CD
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With such a famous father and a name that carries that much weight, Seun Kuti could be forgiven for bowing to the pressure of living up to the expectations that inevitably comes with both but he’s forging his own path in the world of Afrobeat. ‘Black Times’ is a politically charged 8 track album of long, urgent, energetic rhythms and powerful lyrics. ‘Corporate Public Control Department’ is a fast paced, biting attack on corrupt organisations, ‘Kuku Kee Me’ ups the tempo even further and blends some great jazz lines to deliver its message while the more funky ‘Bad Man Lighter’ has a hypnotic groove with those familiar female chants rolling along in the background. ‘African Dreams’ speaks of the nation’s youth looking beyond their homeland for role models while the rapid fire ‘Theory Of Goat And Yam’ is a frantic paced, hard hitting slab of Afrofunk. Tough and aggressive and lyrically on point.


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