Blackbyrds/Flying Start


Format: CD

Format: CD
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The Blackbyrds debut caused quite a stir. These pupils of Donald Byrd at the Howard University came together and gelled almost instantly. From the Fatback style of the opening cut ‘Do It Fluid’ to the riff driven sassy groove of ‘Gut Level’ the album delivers tune after tune. Every cut is a winner, but pay special attention to the gorgeous summery feel of ‘Summer Love’ and ‘A Hot Day Today’ and the heavy duty Jazz Funk of ‘Reggins. ‘Blackbyrds’ was produced by Sky High productions i.e. the Mizell brothers; it has that stamp of quality. One of the most outstanding debuts ever and an all-time classic.‘Flying Start’ is a strong set too, with the breezy ‘Walking In Rhythm having a summer vibe, plus great Funk tunes like ‘I Need You’ and the bass led ‘The Baby’ that has a Benson like guitar solo from Blair Perry. And check the b-line on the blistering ‘Blackbyrds Theme’ or the kicking drums and bass of ‘Future Children Future Hopes’.


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