Bless The People Everywhere – Gospel Funk Of Peacock & Songbird


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 14 Feb 2018
Format: LP, Vinyl
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This excellent 23 track CD collection highlights the funkier side of a plethora of gospel acts who adopted and embraced the more secular side of black music while spreading the message from the church as well as addressing social and political issues of the time. The highlights here are many but standouts come from the apocalyptic themed ‘Generation Gap’ from Paul Owens and Capital City Star Singers, The Jubilee Singers’ ‘Crying Won’t Help’, The Jackson Southernaires ‘Don’t Let Him Catch You With Your Work Undone’, Inez Andrews’ superb ‘This Is Not The First Time I’ve Been Last’, The Sensational Williams Brothers’ ‘What’s Wrong With The People Today’, the hypnotic ‘Moann Prayer’ from Andrea Vereen, Holy Disciples and OV Wright’s massively in demand ‘Trying To Make A Hundred’ and the fast, bustling ‘What Kind Of World’ from King James Version. Excellent stuff!


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