Blue To Red


Format: LP, Vinyl

Release date: 29 May 2020
Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 55782
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Chip Wickham’s third album sees the flautist in Spiritual Jazz territory. The first two (‘La Sombra’ and ‘Shamal Wind’) are must buys and ‘Blue To Red’ is no less impressive . The music is accessible, inventive and memorable. Wickham’s playing is superb and beguiling.

The album opens with a mystical experience in ‘Blue to Red’ that incorporates influences from around the globe and there is something of Alice Coltrane’s harp led spiritual excursions to the feel. The album slips into a bass led groove on the sublime ‘Route One’ – the rhythm bringing to mind classic Blue Note as well as a nod to works on Prestige while the cascading ‘Interstellar’ has a spacious, at times hypnotic feel . The gorgeous, ‘The Cosmos’ is a joy: epic, expansive and meditative, it really demands that the listener allows space and time to fully absorb the deep spirituality within before the urgent, dynamic ‘Double Cross’ bustles in with a skewed, funky vibe and a pacey groove. The sublime ‘Mighty Yusef’ pays Homage to Master Lateef and is drenched in a relaxed, calming easiness that ends the album superbly. Great album from a consistently strong, accomplished artist!

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