Body Language


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Format: CD
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Boney James is like a modern day Grover Washington Jr. Indeed James Oppenheimer (aka Boney James) was inspired by the late saxophonist and in particular, Grover’s classic ‘Mister Magic’. In the same way as Grover, Boney masters circular breathing allowing him to produce a flurry of notes at astonishing speed. Simultaneously he makes his saxophone sound as ‘smooth’ as silk and downright soulful Combine this with the funkiest grooves (in a smooth sense) and the quality melody writing and you have ‘Body Language’. Standouts are ‘Into The Blue’ and ‘Body Language’ and ‘Boneyizm’. His use of vocal tracks is intelligent and broadens his appeal to an urban audience; Shai’s contribution on ‘I’ll Always Love You’ is case in point. ‘Body Language’ should however be considered in its entirety as an album, that foregoes the need for the fast forward button.

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