Bubble Gum


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Format: CD
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Originally released in 1975 for Ritetrack 9th Creation’s ‘Bubble Gum’ album was their debut full length and has proven a treasure trove for beat hunters. A set mainly comprising good, break laden street funk cuts, the standouts are many: the cosmic jazzy funk of ‘Rule Of Mind’ is superb, the title track ‘Bubble Gum’ is a lazy, stop start groove while the heavier ‘Learn To Live’ borrows from the likes of Kool and The Gang and the Fatback Band. The warm, breezy ‘Suburban Blue’ drifts along in a mellow vein while the superb summery ‘Sexy Girl’ is a delightfully understated crossover dancer and ‘Falling In Love’ is a mellow soul ballad. So many highlights here with ‘Quit It’ and ‘We Need Love’ being good raw funk cuts.

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