Calendar Girl(180G)


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
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Side One
1. June In January
(Ralph Rainger-Leo Robin) 2:10
2. February Brings The Rain
(Bobby Troup) 2:22
3. Melancholy March
(Dory Langdon) 2:20
4. I’ll Remember April
(Gene Depaul-Patricia Johnston-Don Raye) 2:00
5. People Who Are Born In May
(Earl Brent) 1:41
6. Memphis In June
(Hoagy Carmichael-Paul Francis Webster) 2:00

Side Two
1. Sleigh Ride In July
(Johnny Burke-Jimmy Van Heusen) 2:22
2. Time For August
(Arthur Hamilton) 2:01
3. September In The Rain
(Al Dubin-Harry Warren) 1:41
4. This October
(Bobby Troup) 1:47
5. November Twilight
(Paul Francis Webster) 3:22
6. Warm December
(Bob Russell) 1:58
7. The Thirteenth Month
(Arthur Hamilton) 2:29


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