Can”T You Tell It’ Me(Remastered Edition)


Format: CD

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Release date: 4 Aug 2017
Format: CD
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1979 album from Tyrone Davis, ‘Can’t You tell It’s Me’ is issued on CD for the first time. The gentle, mellow vibe is there on one half of this short six track album –  the sublime slowie ‘Be With me’, the super laid back ‘Heart Failure’ and the southern tinged ‘Can’t You tell It’s Me’ (where we listen in to a phone call he’s putting in to a past flame!) represent the relaxed side. The tempo picks up on ‘Burnin’ Up’, the lilting disco tinged ‘Love You forever’ and the swaggering ‘Really Gonna Miss You’. And just like that, it was done. A brief offering at just over half an hour but a worthy one to pick up.

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