Celestial Blues: Cosmic, Political And Spiritual Jazz 1970 To 1974


Format: LP, Vinyl

Notes: (2Lp)

Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 2
SKU: 53738
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Superb 10 track, 80 minute jazz journey through a pick of offerings from the Muse, Milestone, Flying Dutchman and Prestige catalogues. From Gary Bartz’s superb, laid back percussion heavy ‘Celestial Blues’ with the unmistakable tones of Andy Bey on vocals, Azar Lawrence’s frantic, semi-free workout on ‘Warriors Of Peace’ and Charles Earland’s accomplished keys of ‘Brown Eyes’ to Carlos Garnett’s funky ‘Let Us Go (To Higher Heights)’ the selections are first class. Joe Henderson and Alice Coltrane’s ‘Fire’ is another highlight on a rock solid selection of 70s jazz innovations.


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