Format: LP, Vinyl

Format: LP, Vinyl
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If there’s one guy that truly wears his heart on his sleeve, Charles Bradley is that man and his new album ‘Changes’ sees the tender hearted, gravel voiced legend plead, rasp and growl his way through a solid set of modern day vintage soul cuts. The wry ‘God Bless America’ gives way to the heartfelt, tough beat heavy funk of ‘Good To Be Home’ while the sundown soul of ‘Nobody But You’ is Bradley and his songwriting team at their best: earthy, expansive and full of bittersweet melancholy. ‘Ain’t Gonna Give You Up’ is another tough-end, heavy groove while ‘Changes’ is the album’s pivotal moment with its crashing brass complimenting Charles’ impassioned vocal. Remarkably it’s also a cover of a Black Sabbath record! The menacing ‘Ain’t It A Sin’ and ‘Change For The World’ are also highlights but in truth the while album totally blows it away. Brilliant!

available 1st April 2016

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