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Release date: 31 May 2019
Format: CD
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UK-based saxophonist Duncan Eagles is maybe better known as part of the group Partikel and has worked with many jazz luminaries including Shabaka Hutching among others, but ‘Citizen’ (released by the ever expanding Ropedope imprint) is his debut set under his own name. ‘Citizen’ opens with the title track that majors on the trade between improvised guitar and sax passages all the time underscored by urgent drums and a piano cascading in the background. ‘Riad’ is freer and has a more spacious feel while the mellow ‘Conquistador’ offers Eagles’ the chance to foreground his breathy tenor to beautiful effect. ‘Shimmer’ has touches of late 70s LA fusion in the melody, ‘Cascade’ is an atmospheric, engaging dual between bass and that swaying, breezy sax while ‘Midnight Mass’ is a delicate, slow burner that has wonderfully melancholy touches.


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